What Makes Life Meaningful


Lives are full.  There are many pressures pulling us this way and that, demands on our time, our energy, our finances.  Dialoging about what means the most to you will help you to sort through what really matters and perhaps to start thinking about how to redirect your time and energy.  As you talk together about what gives meaning to your lives you may find that a shared vision of the life you want to live emerges.  It is exciting to begin to give this vision voice.  Taking turns as sender (speaker) and receiver (listener), share your thoughts on what makes your life meaningful. As always, listen to your partner with empathy and curiosity, and if you know how, mirror each line that your partner shares.  When you are finished give each other a hug and change change roles.

Share with each other the parts of your life that give it the most meaning.  Talk about why it is meaningful for you.

As I think about this what I am realizing about who I am as a person is…

And what I am realizing about how I spend my time is….

And what I am realizing about how I might want to change my priorities or focus is..

One way you can support me in this is…….and I know that you may not be able to do so at this time.

Thank you for listening.

Copy write January 6, 2014

Posted by Laura

Laura Marshall, LCSW, is the founder and director of the Sagebrush Center for Relationship Therapy. Her experience spans thirty years of supporting couples and individuals to create healthy and meaningful lives and relationships. She is also adjunct faculty for the New Mexico Highlands School of Social Work. She lives with her husband Steve and five sons in Farmington, New Mexico.

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