A Valentines Day Dialogue

 Introduction:  Dialogue shouldn’t just be for managing differences and discussing difficult issues.  Intentional Dialogue works best when we use it to communicate a variety of important feelings – and what is more important than the love we feel for each other.


So in that spirit I offer the following dialogue.  Find a quiet time, perhaps over dinner of in front of a fire to share the following:


(Remember to mirror each sentence stem)


  1. On the day I met you the first thing I noticed was….
  2. As we got to know each other what I came to love about you was….
  3. My fondest memory of our early days/years together is….
  4. What I value most about our relationship now is….
  5. One fantasy I have of how I would like to spend a day together is…
  6. One dream I have for our future is….


Summarize, let your partner know what makes sense about what they have shared, and empathize (how I imagine you feel as you think about our relationship)….then switch!  Perhaps finish with a romantic kiss.




Posted by Laura

Laura Marshall, LCSW, is the founder and director of the Sagebrush Center for Relationship Therapy. Her experience spans thirty years of supporting couples and individuals to create healthy and meaningful lives and relationships. She is also adjunct faculty for the New Mexico Highlands School of Social Work. She lives with her husband Steve and five sons in Farmington, New Mexico.

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