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With Gentle Resolve for 2018

I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions.  They’ve become cliches of failure – no one really expects anyone to truly follow through, and then, when …

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New Year’s Resolutions: What Really Matters

  For the last week I’ve seen many articles exploring some variation of what constitutes a good New Year’s resolution.  There is a strangely defeatist …

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The Meaning of Gifts and Meaning-full Gift Giving

The giving and receiving of gifts is as old as human society.  Gifts are an important part of family and community life in every culture.  …

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Our Holiday Traditions

Instructions:  Find a quiet time that is good for both of you, and a place to sit and talk where you will not be disturbed.  …

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The Heart of Giving or Giving With Heart

Last night as Steve and I sat together on the couch, watching TV I was surprised by my emotional reaction to the advertisements for Christmas …

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Holiday Dialogues

We think of holidays as times of joy and family connection.  Memories of delicious meals and visions of children happily opening gifts are dear to …

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