Support for Parents

Being a parent can be at the same time both profoundly rewarding and incredibly frustrating and challenging. Often we feel confused, overwhelmed and just plain exhausted. We find ourselves wondering what we are doing wrong and why everyone else makes it look so easy. And just when we think we’ve figured it all out, our children throw us a fresh curve ball. Perhaps most bewildering of all is that everyone seems so sure of what we should do to fix whatever the problem is — and often the advice we receive is contradictory and confusing.

Our approach to supporting you on your parenting journey combines providing you with down to earth practical information about what children need at each stage of development and problem-solving strategies. We use a values-grounded approach that supports you in sorting through what the values are that you want to underlie your parenting choices and then helping you to strategize ways to use these values to structure your family life.

In most parenting decisions there is no one right answer – just the approach that works the best for you and your family.  It is our job to help you to look at these choices and then to figure out how to bring your dreams and vision into reality.