Start Right – Stay Connected Premarital Seminar

“Love consists of this,that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other.”  ~ Rainer Marie Rilke

Pre-Marital SeminarsIn this era of frequent divorce many engaged couples struggle with the challenge of  building a relationship that can withstand the test of time. Couples often ask me, “How can we be sure that this marriage will last … what can we do so that we don’t end up in divorce court?”

The Imago Start Right Stay Connected program is founded on the most recent research as well as the clinical experience of hundreds of marriage counselors from around the world.  It will give you the solid foundation you are seeking to begin your married life together.

Through the Start Right – Stay Connected program you will learn:

  • Effective communication skills;
  • Essential relationship habits;
  • Tools for dealing with the most difficult issues;
  • Effective conflict resolution;
  • How to remove negativity from your relationship;
  • How to keep romance and passion alive;
  • How to affair-proof your relationship.

Love That Lasts – Preparation For Marriage

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Research has repeatedly shown that couples who attend marriage preparation seminars and address their concerns in advance are much less vulnerable to divorce.  Our marriage preparedness program is designed to give engaged and recently married couples a solid foundation for a lifetime of love. In addition to covering the basics of healthy relationships, effective communication skills and conflict resolution, couples have the opportunity to address such topics as:

  • Planning your wedding;
  • Concerns about finances and different approaches to money management;
  • Concerns about having children;
  • Parenting decisions;
  • Creating blended families;
  • Relationships with parents, in-laws and friends;
  • Enhancing sexual intimacy.

Because we know that this is a busy time in your lives, and because couples come to marriage with many different concerns and needs we offer a variety of ways to learn the information and skills you will need for a successful marriage. Take a look a the option below, and then contact us to discuss which will best meet your needs.

The Start Right – Stay Connected Seminar Options

  • Full day seminar
  • Seminar with followup individual sessions
  • Seminar followed by your choice of three one-hour phone sessions or three one-hour followup office sessions
  • Private seminar for just the two of you consisting of six private one hour classes meeting every other week for three months which may be condensed to once a week if necessary
  • Private seminar for just the two of you with followup sessions consisting of a one day private seminar and your choice of three one-hour phone sessions or three one-hour office sessions

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All graduates of our Start Right Stay – Connected program are entitled to a  $200.00 discount to our Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshop at any future date.

Premarital Counseling Requirements

— The Start Right – Stay Connected Seminar meets the premarital counseling requirements of most denominations. Contact your personal clergy for further clarification.

“Marriage is not only the expression of love between two  people, it is also a profound evocation of one of life’s greatest mysteries, the weaving together of many different strands of the soul.” ~ Thomas Moore

Comments from Some of Our Clients

Our feedback comes from real clients, however, it would be unethical for us to display their names. Out of respect for their privacy, all names and other identifying information is withheld.

“Laura is an energetic, knowledgeable leader that can guide you into looking at new ways and ideas in a safe and supportive atmosphere.”

“Thank you so much for helping us to realize what we mean to each other and the importance of our marriage, commitment and love. You have helped us develop a clear vision and understanding of what we both want and need in our future.”

“I feel that the love I need and deserve are more than accessible to me if I only ask for it!”