Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling ProgramsThe months leading up to a wedding can be both exciting, and well, just a bit scary. Often it is a time of frantic activity:  lists to be drawn up, decisions to be made, ceremonies and parties to be planned. At the same time there is a deepening realization of the sanctity and power of the commitment you are about to make. It’s not unusual for the stress to take its toll. Often couples find themselves squabbling, worried about their choices and pulled by loyalties to friends and family. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that behind all of the busy activity is the deep and abiding love you feel for each other.

Recommended by clergy and counselors alike, premarital counseling is an excellent way to stay grounded and focused during this joy-full but challenging time. Our premarital counseling program is designed to teach you healthy relationship skills, help you to identify challenges you may face as a couple and provide you with an opportunity to explore your concerns and fears in a quiet and supportive environment. In addition to private sessions, we strongly encourage you to join one of our Start Right Stay Connected One Day seminars.