Moving on from Divorce

woman in thoughtNo one marries intending or expecting to get divorced. When divorce does happen, whether by our choice or not, it can leave us shaken to the core. We question our worth and lovability, we feel lonely and abandoned and we wonder if we will ever find love again. Our feelings are all over the map, from anger and grief to excitement or relief. Often we find ourselves in a difficult financial situation and coping with confused and distressed children. The emotional impact of divorce has been compared to that of death – it is often devastating.

If you are feeling any of these emotions this is the time to reach out for help and support.  What you are feeling is normal and with time you will find firm ground again. In the meantime, take each phase one step at a time, nurture yourself as much as possible and don’t be afraid to accept the help of those who love you. Contact us for further information about individual counseling and support groups.