Healing from the Pain of Affairs

Reconnection: Recovering from and Healing the Pain of an Affair

Healing from the Pain of AffairsHealthy relationships are built on safety and trust. When one partner has an affair this trust is often shattered. In recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in online affairs and affairs at work leaving many couples confused and devastated.

While rebuilding safety and connection can be a difficult and delicate process, when accomplished with care and patience it can actually lead to profound healing and an even deeper intimacy. Contrary to the images portrayed by TV and movies, affairs don’t just happen. They are almost always symptomatic of existing serious ruptures in connection and communication.

The healing process involves closing all exits, learning to communicate with, and listen to, each other honestly and with compassion, identifying and resolving pre-existing problems, and finally making amends and healing the pain of past betrayals so that you can move forward with trust and confidence into the future together.

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