Blessings of light and cheer

As I was buying a wreath today for our extremely interfaith household the saleswoman wished me a merry Christmas, and I found myself smiling at what struck me as such an archaic term.  Merry.  It conjures up images of belly laughs and lighthearted enjoyment.  These days it seems that we talk a lot more about being stressed than we do about being merry.  Perhaps if we could invite a wee bit more merriment into our lives we would shed some of the conflict and stress that seems to surround us.  So, in this time of darkness, I wish you joy and merriment in your heart, loving friends and family, tranquility of soul, and most of all peace throughout our troubled world to all humankind, whatever their faith, wherever they live, whatever their hopes and dreams may be.  May you be merry and of good cheer this holy – day season.  Laura Marshall, Director

Posted by Laura

Laura Marshall, LCSW, is the founder and director of the Sagebrush Center for Relationship Therapy. Her experience spans thirty years of supporting couples and individuals to create healthy and meaningful lives and relationships. She is also adjunct faculty for the New Mexico Highlands School of Social Work. She lives with her husband Steve and five sons in Farmington, New Mexico.

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